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Keeping deshi crafts alive
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Apart from finished products, visitors can see demonstrations of how the products are crafted: a weaver is busy at his loom, a potter models vases while a jeweller hammers metal into exquisite bracelets. “As we constantly try to keep the traditional ...


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CGIFurniture (https: | United Kingdom)

Creation of photoreal 3D visual content for launching new products, marketing 3D materials for existing products and project presentations....

Category: Visual Arts - Animation

The Engine Shop ( | United States)
The Engine Shop

Supply complete models, parts and accessories to build models of steam mill engines.

Category: Metal Crafts

Model Masters ( | United States)
Model Masters

Builders of precision scale models, including rail, shipping, aviation, architectural and industrial subjects.

Category: Metal Crafts

Stuart Models ( | United Kingdom)
Stuart Models

Supply model steam engines as ready to run models, fully machined kits and as sets of castings, materials and drawings. Range of model machine...

Category: Metal Crafts

Historic Steam Models ( | United Kingdom)
Historic Steam Models

Manufacturers of precision engineered model steam engines, including stationary steam plants, mill and beam engines and traction engines. Worldwide...

Category: Metal Crafts

PaperCraft Museum ( | United States)
PaperCraft Museum

Papercraft models take time, effort, and computer-know-how to design, and most papercraft designers have their own website or way of distributing...

Category: Paper Crafts - Museums

Vector Art 3D ( | United States)
Vector Art 3D

Vector Art 3D provides relief-style clip-art for computer controlled routing and engraving. We offer high quality models that take the cost and...

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art

Pictorial History of Nikon Cameras ( | Malaysia)
Pictorial History of Nikon Cameras

Quick reference pictorial history of Nikon camera models, from Rangefinders, SLR to compact and underwater models.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Creative Woodworking ( | United States)
Creative Woodworking

Custom handcrafted flag cases, sword cases, display cases, shadow boxes, and wooden submarine models.

Category: Wood Crafts - Tramp Art

Beaver, Jeneen ( | United States)
Beaver, Jeneen

Online portfolio that includes 3D models, computer-generated and traditionl art, photography, and Web design.

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art

Gatto Plan Supply Co. ( | United States)
Gatto Plan Supply Co.

Offers plans for wooden models and toys.

Category: Wood Crafts

PlanIT 3D ( | United Kingdom)
PlanIT 3D

Free 3D models, textures, sound fx, tutorials and architectural resources

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art

Model Engineering Clearing House ( | Algeria)
Model Engineering Clearing House

A service to the model engineering hobby, with particular focus on live steam and model railway engineering

Category: Metal Crafts

Bintz, Don (
Silverwings ( | United Kingdom)

3D computer scale aircraft models.

Category: Visual Arts

Fowler, Ron (

Featuring galleries of 3D work, models, and more.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Artists

APS Camera Blues ( | Malaysia)
APS Camera Blues

Criticism of the Advanced Photo System and its effects on consumers.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Waki, Mark ( | United States)
Waki, Mark

Aviation and aerospace paintings, models, and lithographs.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Thematic

Nikon Imaging: F & D (
Nikon Imaging: F & D

Featuring the F6 35mm and D2x digital models.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Mandara, Wakaran ( | Aruba)
Mandara, Wakaran

Features computer generated models of faces. In Japanese.

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art