"Cast, Cut, Forged and Crushed," the Horn collection - Arkansas Times
Arkansas Times
"Cast, Cut, Forged and Crushed," the Horn collection
Arkansas Times
Elizabeth Brim's "Pillow" is metal cut and bent to appear to be full of air, textured with square and rectangular indentations reminiscent of an arts and crafts design. Marc Maiorana plays with reality with a tall pedestal, a splinter of which has ...


Art funding cut disappoints communities - ABC Online
Art funding cut disappoints communities
ABC Online
The organisation has failed to secure more than $200000 from federal arts funding body, the Australia Council, to fund visual arts programs over the next three years. Director of community engagement Anthony Peluso said it was a shock and they would ...


Visual artists vie for cut of resale profits - CBC.ca
Visual artists vie for cut of resale profits
Now, as the fall auction season draws to a close, the national group representing Canadian visual and media artists is calling for the federal government to enact this type of legislation in Canada. CARFAC (Canadian Artists' Representation/le Front des ...

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Wooden Submarine Cut Out |

displaying 1-20 of wooden submarine cut out
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Creative Woodworking (creative-woodworking.net | United States)
Creative Woodworking

Custom handcrafted flag cases, sword cases, display cases, shadow boxes, and wooden submarine models.

Category: Wood Crafts - Tramp Art

Thingamajigsaw Puzzles (thingamajigsaw.com | United States)
Thingamajigsaw Puzzles

All puzzles are cut to order and can be personalized. A choice of two different cutting styles are available.

Category: Wood Crafts

Wood Craft Shapes (woodcraftshapes.com | United Kingdom)
Wood Craft Shapes

If it's pre cut craft shapes your after then you are in the right place, at Wood Craft Shapes we have a huge range of pre-cut craft shapes, hearts,...

Category: Wood Crafts

AuPuzzle (aupuzzle.com | Australia)

An Australian company that offers individual wooden puzzles cut in the traditional way along with puzzles cut to a template.

Category: Wood Crafts

Jardin Puzzles (jardinpuzzles.com | United States)
Jardin Puzzles

Made from choice of prints, photographs and posters. All jigsaws come packaged in specially designed gift boxes.

Category: Wood Crafts

X-man Puzzles (XmanPuzzles.com | United States)
X-man Puzzles

Original hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Category: Wood Crafts

Purple Martin Puzzles (purplemartinpuzzles.com | United States)
Purple Martin Puzzles

Made to order jigsaws that use small, medium or large size pieces to cater for differing ages and abilities.

Category: Wood Crafts

Wood Craft Shapes (woodcraftshapes.com | United Kingdom)
Wood Craft Shapes

Wood Craft Shapes, The Home Of wood craft cutout supplies with up to 25% off every item. UK based supplier of wooden carft blanks &...

Category: Wood Crafts

Fool's Gold Puzzles (foolsgoldpuzzles.com | Bulgaria)
Fool's Gold Puzzles

Jigsaws cut from solid 1/4" basswood. Commissions undertaken for birthdays, weddings, etc.

Category: Wood Crafts

J. C. Ayer (ayerpuzzles.com | United States)
J. C. Ayer

Personalised jigsaws made from fine art reproductions and photographs. Puzzles are cut with a water-jet cutting machine.

Category: Wood Crafts

XP Craft Co., Ltd (craft-in-china.com | China)
XP Craft Co., Ltd

XP Craft Co., Ltd. is specialized in supplying Chinese folk handicrafts, the main products include Clay figurine, Embroidery, Paper cut, Artistic...

Category: Art

Platinum Puzzles (platinumpuzzles.com | United States)
Platinum Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles that are cut to order and include highly personalized "Baby Look at You Now" puzzles.

Category: Wood Crafts

Ningbo Qicai Wooden Craft Co.,Ltd (woodengame.en.ecplaza.net | China)
Ningbo Qicai Wooden Craft Co.,Ltd

We are factory specialized in manufacturing wooden toy, wooden craft and so on. Our factory covers an area of 10,000 square meter workshop and has...

Category: Craft Supplies - Wooden Craft Supplies

Conrad Armstrong (newpuzzles.com | United States)
Conrad Armstrong

Jigsaws made from either prints or posters. All puzzles contain "Figure pieces" shaped like animals, people, etc.

Category: Wood Crafts

Cut & Paste (cutandpaste.info | Algeria)
Cut & Paste

History of photomontage looking at work, techniques, and artists from the 1920s, 1980s, and the present day.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Mixed-Media

Keystone Puzzles (keystonepuzzles.com | Canada)
Keystone Puzzles

Selection of jigsaws from antique prints and vintage paper ephemera. Ready for immediate dispatch.

Category: Wood Crafts

Elms Puzzles (elmspuzzles.com | United States)
Elms Puzzles

Jigsaws personalized with customer's choice of names, dates, etc. Also sell used puzzles and run a rental club.

Category: Wood Crafts

Wood Quilts by Uniquely Jewell (woodquilts.com | United States)
Wood Quilts by Uniquely Jewell

Handpainted wood quilt wall decor.

Category: Wood Crafts - Marquetry

AlteredWood (alteredwood.com | United States)

Handcrafted jewelry boxes by Gerard Kelley. Laminated wood bandsaw cut and hand sanded and finished.

Category: Wood Crafts - Boxes

Extreme Enterprise Co.,Ltd (elegantwoodenbox.com | Hong Kong)
Extreme Enterprise Co.,Ltd

Manufacturer of a wide range of wooden boxes, tea and wine boxes, gift packaging, and cigar boxes.

Category: Wood Crafts - Boxes