Most people knitting simultaneously: Taiwan sets world record - World Records Academy
World Records Academy
Most people knitting simultaneously: Taiwan sets world record
World Records Academy
Photo: More than 1800 people knit "rainbow scarves" in a world record attempt at the Fengshan Stadium in Greater Kaohsiung's Fengshan District. Photo: CNA (enlarge photo) The Guinness world record for the Most People Knitting Simultaneously in a single ...


Joyful gifts from the art world - Washington Post
Joyful gifts from the art world
Washington Post
Where better to find it than in music, art, books and movies that transport us to sublime heights the real world can't?We asked our critics for suggestions of bonbons from the worlds of pop culture and art, and they responded with gift ideas guaranteed ...

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The Rupp Report: ITMA Flash III - Textile World Magazine
Textile World Magazine
The Rupp Report: ITMA Flash III
Textile World Magazine
This time, the Rupp Report takes a look at Germany-based Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG and talked to André Wissenberg, vice president, Marketing and Corporate Communications. As before, the same questions were asked so that you, dear reader, ...


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WoW Leatherworking Guide ( | Canada)
WoW Leatherworking Guide

This guide provides you the cheapest and the quickest way to level leatherworking. It uses patterns obtained only from vendors and trainers. So you...

Category: Leatherworking

Leatherworking - Allods Wiki ( | United States)
Leatherworking - Allods Wiki

leatherworking is a profession that can use Disassembled leather to create new leather armor. To learn leatherworking, you need to visit a...

Category: Leatherworking

Leatherworking ( | Pakistan)

leatherworking Your Ultimate Leather Resource! The site provides quality information on the topic of leatherworking and leathercraft. You can find...

Category: Leatherworking

The History of Leatherworking ( | United Kingdom)
The History of Leatherworking

Leather tanning is undoubtedly one of the oldest crafts known to man. The skins obtained from hunting and breeding were initially used to make...

Category: Leatherworking

Leatherworking Classes ( | United States)
Leatherworking Classes

During this class, you will learn to design and build holsters for any type firearm. You will learn to design your own patterns, what tools are...

Category: Leatherworking

Standing Bear's Trading Post ( | United States)
Standing Bear's Trading Post

Since 1999,Standing Bear's Trading Post has been supplying leathercraft products and leatherwork tools. We are Authorized Sales Centers for Tandy...

Category: Leatherworking

Leatherwork Courses ( | United States)
Leatherwork Courses

The Leatherwork courses provided by Valerie Michael and Neil MacGregor are based upon the techniques described in 'The leatherworking Handbook' and...

Category: Leatherworking

Siegel of California ( | United States)

Leather supplier offering hides including rawhide, cowhide and deerskin as well as brass hardware and leatherworking tools.

Category: Leatherworking

Duvall Leatherwork ( | United States)
Duvall Leatherwork

Established in 2004, I personally hand manufacture the very best historic reproduction leather gear and military accoutrements money can...

Category: Leatherworking

Rogue Journals ( | United States)
Rogue Journals

It’s been a long and winding road from what Rogue Journals was at our inception in 2003. When I started making journals in my tiny studio...

Category: Leatherworking

Kusari Kahn's Lair ( | Canada)
Kusari Kahn's Lair

Dedicated to passing on and preserving knowledge of the ancient art of chain and chain armours, commonly known as maille, chainmaille, chainmail...

Category: Metal Crafts

One Stop ( | United States)
One Stop

Leather Working Supplies At One Stop. We stock a large selection of leather working supplies, pattern, books, and tools for all experience levels....

Category: Leatherworking

3D World ( | United Kingdom)
3D World

The Magazine for 3D Artists. Save money when you subscribe to the 3D world, the world's #1 magazine for 3D Artists. There are two great ways to...

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art

World Cup Art ( | United States)

Buy soccer paintings representing countries participating in FIFA Germany 2006.

Category: Visual Arts - Drawing and Sketching

Textile World Asia ( | United States)
Textile World Asia

Learn about Asian Textile news and information through "Textile world Asia".

Category: Textiles

Art of the First World War (
Art of the First World War

Paintings from international collections commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of the First world War.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Thematic

Portraits Of A World ( | Canada)
Portraits Of A World

Portraits Of A world provides sketches of people from around the world. Each portrait is an original or limited edition print of the highest quality.

Category: Art - Painting

World Art Collections Exhibitions ( | United Kingdom)
World Art Collections Exhibitions

world Art Collections Exhibitions, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

Category: Art

Elite World Media ( | United States)
Elite World Media

Elite world Media is an international event promoter providing customers with the ultimate brand experience by combining Elite talent with Elite...

Category: Computer Generated Art - Mixed-Media

Stereo Photography - The World in 3D ( | United States)
Stereo Photography - The World in 3D

Find nearly 2500 2D and 3D photographs from around the world. Includes image galleries, instructions on taking and displaying your own 3D images,...

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography